Top 10 Greatest Indian Fast Bowlers in ODIs

    India has gifted some of the greatest batsmen and spin bowlers who have made it to the record books. But, less has been spoken of the great pacemen who have added color to the Indian game throughout history. This is a celebration of the top 10 Indian quickies that made India proud in the ODIs


    10Mohammad Shami

    A relatively new face compared to others mentioned in this list, Mohammad Shami was born in Amroha in 1990 and made his international One Day debut against Pakistan in January 2013. He has played 50 ODi’s for India and has also represented Bengal, India A, Dehli Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders.

    Shami’s numbers have already shown that he is on his way to becoming one of the greats of all time, with 91 wickets in 50 matches at an average of 25.37 and a strike rate of 27.7. His economy rate of 5.48 runs per over is pretty good if you spare some thought for the number of overs he bowls in the power plays. He bowls at a very quick pace, sometimes hitting speeds of 140 kph’s, retaining constant accuracy. Shami does not give the batsman any margin to score and his ability to move the ball both ways is an asset.

    He was the main strike bowler for India in the 2015 World Cup in the seaming tracks of Australia and New Zealand and led India to the semi-finals. His best figures of 4 for 35 came against Pakistanis in the same World Cup. Like any fast bowler, Shami has had a few injuries along the way and his knee, in particular, has given him trouble. However, his persistence has served him well to remain in the limelight despite minor setbacks. His consistency and accuracy is unmatched to any other swing bowler in the present day and surely will improve with more great spells in time to come.

    Trivia – It was later revealed that Shami had played the 2015 world cup with a knee injury.

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    1. This person hasn’t done his research too well. Not only does he claim that Srinath retired before Prasad in 2001 but also goes on to write ‘sri lankan spellings’ of Agarkar and Ishant Sharma’s names!

    2. The list is again as disappointing as the TOP 10 INDIAN ODI BATSMEN list. Though it’s also tough to chart out TOP 10 Indian bowlers because only few fared well. India is a better producer of BATTING greats and legendary SPINNERS.
      I won’t waste time in analytics for this list but I must say if you are including Mohammed Shami in the list for just playing 50 ODIs, then Bhuvneshwar Kumar (86 ODIs) too deserves a place in the list; in fact at a higher spot. Bumrah, with just 37 ODIs would be a tough add, but if you would make this list one or two years later from today, he would be in Top 5. Manoj Prabhakar is SHIT; don’t malign the list adding him. Sreesanth, although a match-fixing offender, probably could make it to the list; at least instead of MANOJ PRABHAKAR.
      Indian cricket produced scores of fast bowlers but somewhere they fell/fall short to be counted in the list of best pacers. Lakshmipathy Balaji, RP Singh, Munaf Patel, all made names for a very short period and then faded. You can rather make a TOP 5 INDIAN ODI BOWLERS list and names like Kapil Dev, Zaheer Khan, Javagal Srinath, Ajit Agarkar, Ashish Nehra should be the top contenders.

    3. The bottom line is India has never produced genuine pacemen like Australia, the West Indies, Pakistan or South Africa. The story about Indian fast bowlers is questionable at best!! Name one world class super fast bowler that India has produced consistently perform to earn the tag of a 150 mph regularly. We have mostly military medium pacers, swing bowlers and a few who inconsistently bol around 145 mph at and a little above that erratically. That is not world class bowling unlike Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, Michael Holding, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Allan Donald, Makhaya Ntini and Dale Steyn to name just a few. What has India got to show apart from swing bowling and nothing really else in terms of genuine World Class pace bowlers who strike fear in the opposition team!!

    4. Th simple reason why they are less spoken about is we never had and do not have a genuine world class fast bowler perform consistently over the years. India simply lacks the raw talent and above all the mindset of producing world-class pace bowlers. None of the mentioned new crop of bowlers have it to perform and become among Wisden’s best bowlers ever. Let us realise the facts in India and accept them for what they are and probably will always be except for some fluke or aberration of a bowler who comes along and upsets the applecart!!


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